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Dynamic Galleries

Dynamic Galleries

Custom Photo Gallery Websites for Professional Photographers


We build custom designed websites that interact with the photo database.
Listed below are some features of the front end sites:

  • Dynamic Photo, Product and Gallerypages: Professional and appealing presentation of your galleries and photos. Automatic generation of links to related elements plus a "Share-Button" to publish your photos directly on Facebook and Twitter from your own site. A photos assigned products can be added to the cart from each photo page. Additionally you can add a certificate or another complementing image for each photo
  • Highly Search Engine Optimized: We've designed the sites to place a photos keywords, titles, locations and descriptions in all the right spots for each page, so search engines like Google find them. All related galleries and photos are linked among each other automatically
  • Built-in Onlineshop with Shopping Cart, Checkout, Coupons, Shipping Zones and more: Links out elegantly to the Paypal payment processor. Note that customers can still check out with their credit cards or bank transfer without having a Paypal account. Sell your prints and any other products online
  • Custom Photo Search: Searches the database and presents directly photo thumbnail search results so that possible clients can quickly find the photos they want from any of your galleries
  • Protected Download Section: A special password protected section on your site where you can offer various files for registered users only
  • Contact Form: Interested parties and possible clients can contact you directly via this fast, easy and uncomplicated way
  • Content Pages: Dynamic content pages with open contents for e.g. service offers, an about me page, articles, tests and much more
  • News and Blog Integration: You can use our fully integrated internal News-Stream system or we can seamlessly integrate a (already existing) Wordpress blog for an additional fee
  • Free Software Updates: The free version upgrades are easily installed with just one click


The backend Content-Management-System, or CMS for short, is the powerful database engine
under the hood of our gallery sites. Dave has spent several years developing this admin software
specifically for managing his online photo galleries. The password-protected panel allows you to
add and update all the content of your own website, without requiring any specialized web design
or programming knowledge. Here are some features of the CMS:
Also have a look at the latest features and changes.
  • Customizable start page with merchandize features and social share buttons
  • Easily Add / Modify/ Delete galleries, photos, search terms, print sizes & prices, content pages, coupons, links, files and news
  • Unlimited Galleries with unlimited Sub-Galleries: Create Galleries for photos, tours, calendars, workshops, books and more. There are several different layout formats to choose from. You decide how much images per gallery page are shown
  • Galleries are protectable with a password
  • Direct Photo Uploading with automatic thumbnail resizing: No need for an FTP program to upload, change or delete content. Photos can be added in multiple galleries so there is no need to upload a photo twice. Arrange the photos position in a gallery at any time
  • Specify keywords, titles, locations and descriptions for each photo, gallery and content page
  • Specify available print sizes for each photo: Create products and categories with prices and assign them to individual photos
  • Photo Navigation via photo-swiping, arrow-keys or by clicking the arrow-links next to a photo
  • Links to your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter
  • Specify a special discount e.g. for: Print of the Month, weekly tour offers, unique Calendar offer and the like
  • Schedule photo and article releases for a subsequent date
  • Slideshows with linked photos for each gallery and search results
  • Easily add / modify / delete unlimited content pages for e.g. articles, test or any other content
  • Inbuilt text editor in the description fields and content pages to easily add or edit links and texts to the text content, without having to know special html code
  • Use the Photo Search page (with configurable tag-cloud) to offer an alternative method of presenting and accessing your photos via search suggestions
  • Dynamic menu navigation allows you to add / modify / delete links in different levels of the navigation menus (depending on your sites design)
  • List and detailed view of all received orders
  • Send payment-received and delivery-confirmation e-mails with one click
  • Generic payment form for licensing images etc.
  • Manage a simple Maillist to send out simple mass emails through the admin. Useful for small mailing lists with a few hundred members. For larger lists we recommend using a professional email marketing service.
  • Specify a Welcome Coupon for each new registered user
  • Specify Standard- or Administration Permissions for each user
  • Built-in Guestbook
  • Customizable RSS-Feed with a mix of new photos and news
  • Lists of your Most Popular Photos for a particular or all galleries
  • Administration-bar on the frontend sites for faster editing of content
  • Set numerous Site Options such as main site keywords, site descriptions, vacation messages, personal notes, to-do list, and more

Feel free to have a look at the Live Demo of the Content-Management-System
Made with organically grown, locally sourced code.