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Dynamic Galleries

Dynamic Galleries

Custom Photo Gallery Websites for Professional Photographers

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does Dynamic Galleries do?
We provide a service, specifically designed for photographers, that allows them to easily, quickly and at a low cost have their own website to display, share and sell their photos. No technical skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP or SQL are needed. Every aspect of the website can be controlled through an easy-to-use content-management-system. The only software you need to setup your website will be the web browser you are viewing this page in right now.
Why should I pay a lot of money for your software
when there are plenty of free gallery template programs available?
We are professional web developers, and we are offering our services along with the gallery software that we have developed. Our software is not a generic template or simple plugin, it requires extensive custom integration, so that you end up with exactly what you want.

Many of the leading gallery programs that are available for free require confusing installation and limited customization. These programs usually come with lots of features that you probably don't want or need, and lack other features that you do. Oftentimes the unsuspecting photographer who has a fair amount of web experience will try to build his or her own site using these types of template, and often find themselves in a never ending rabbit hole of web development, never quite able to achieve exactly what they envisioned. They spend hours of frustration at the computer when they should be out shooting more photos.

Since we developed our gallery program specifically for the needs of professional photographers, it has the features you want and none of the bloated code, confusing interfaces, and unnecessary features. We designed the interface to be as streamlined and self-explanatory as possible, which should make it easy for you to administer your own site.

Read more about the advantages of the Dynamic Galleries websites here.
Why should I pay a lot of money for your software program if I can already manage my own
site with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or another HTML drag and drop editor?
So you can focus on your photography instead of wasting time at the computer. Manually creating new pages every time you add a photo is a pain and can quickly spiral out of control. You'll realize what a total waste of time it was once you experience the ease of an admin-controlled database-driven gallery site.

Additionally, many of the Dreamweaver/FrontPage creations we've seen consist of bloated code, which leads to slower loading, search-engine-unfriendly websites which are prone to malfunctions in various browsers.

If you only have a small collection of photos to display, you can probably get away with manually creating your own pages, but if you have lots of photos and like to add more often, our gallery program will quickly pay for itself and give you back your time previously spent slaving at the computer.

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Can I sell my photos?
Yes there is a powerful shopping cart built-in as standard. As well as making it easy for your customers to buy from you, it also allows you to offer them discounts to encourage sales via promotion codes and offers. Additionally, there are comprehensive discount settings so you can set up coupons only for specific products, users or minimum amounts.

Payments from your customers can be received directly to your own PayPal account, which they can use a credit card with if they don't have one themselves. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, it's free to create one and millions of potential customers also use PayPal. If you don't want to use PayPal, or want to offer an alternative payment option, there is an offline payment method.

After receiving an order, you can print it yourself and post the order to your client. Or you can choose from any of the online print labs available and send the order to them to process. We don't have any partnerships with printing companies and don't offer the service ourselves, so there's no inflexible tie-ins. Last but not least, we don't take any commission, so for all payments, the profits go directly to you. With the minor caveat that PayPal do charge a small amount per transaction but they don't charge monthly fees like most merchant accounts.
How well does your software work with web searches?
Extremely well! We have built the program from the ground up with search-engine-compatibility as a top priority. When you add a photo, you enter keywords for that photo which get strategically placed throughout the page, including the page title, meta tags, alt and title tags and descriptions. A photo's gallery name gets automatically added to the keywords. You can also set general site-wide keywords which get repeated on every page of the site.

We've built the infrastructure for highly strategic keyword placement but it is up to you to pick out your own keywords. If you put some thought into it you can really do well in the search engines. Of course no matter how search-engine-friendly your site is, it still takes time and quality content to rank high in the search engines. Having lots of similar content, lots of words for the search engines to read, and lots of similar external links to your site are all good ways to improve your site ranking.
What if I need some new features that your software doesn't have?
We would be happy to build them into the Content-Management-Software. We can pretty much do whatever you want - for a reasonable price. We will give you a quote for how much each extra feature will cost, if there is an extra cost.
Do you provide support after the site is built?
Yes we do provide support. We are always happy to content questions and offer advice free of charge. If you want some additional web work after the site is completed, we will charge our hourly rate, unless it's a major site addition, in which case we'll give you a flat rate bid for the project.
Do you ever make upgrades to the software?
Yes, we do make free ugrades to the Content-Management-Software from time to time - sometimes minor details, sometimes major overhauls.

You can see the history and schedule of the applications feature upgrades here.

The free version upgrades are easily installed with just one click in the CMS.
Will the gallery program work on my current server?
We highly recommend using one of our suggested hosting companies. We do offer hosting through a reputable high-performance server company that we host numerous sites with, or we can recommend alternative even more powerful but also more expensive high quality hosting companies. Please contact us for more details.

If we must use your current server, there is a chance that our program will not function properly. In this case, you will have to switch over to one of our recommended hosting servers. Switching servers is simple, and we can help.
I want to hire you. What is the process for getting this done? How long will it take to finish?
After emailing and/or talking with you on the phone about the details of the project, we will email you a simple contract. We require the signed contract and 1/2 of the total project fee to start. The remaining 1/2 is due upon completion of the project.

If we are creating new designs for your site, we will create several 'mockups', or initial design ideas, in photoshop. These are pictures of how the website would look. The first round of mockups could be considered rough drafts, and based on your feedback we will change and refine those designs, or start over. The more feedback you provide, the more info we have to create a design that you will be happy with. This process repeats until we've nailed down the design. At this point, we will start programming and cannot go back and make major design changes.

At the same time that we're working on the designs, we will install your Content-Management-Software so that you can start creating your gallery structure and uploading your photos. Once we're done programming the site and testing it on numerous browsers and computers, we will launch it live whenever you're ready.

The whole process usually takes about a month, but a lot depends on how fast you can provide feedback at the different stages of development.

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