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Dynamic Galleries

Dynamic Galleries

Custom Photo Gallery Websites for Professional Photographers

Packages and Prices

There are four different software packages to choose from. We don't charge licensing fees for the
gallery program, but rather a one-time build fee. There is a large difference in pricing depending
on the scope of customization and original design. With any of the options below, you get the
same backenddatabase content-management program - it's just the level of customization on the
front-end that determines the price. The following packages and prices are guidelines - the cost of
your project may vary.
  1. Dynamic Galleries Software Package 1 Complete-Custom Package:

    For the demanding photographer who wants completely customized and original designs. These sites can have completely new and unique layouts and designs. The possibilities are endless. Depending on the scope of customization, we can not guarantee free updates for this package.

    Please contact us to request an estimate.

    Example Sites:
  2. Dynamic Galleries Software Package 2 Custom-Template Package:

    These sites have custom designed graphics and colors, but conform roughly to the same search-engine-friendly layouts as the following example sites. "Roughly" meaning that we can move things around how you'd like - they don't have to be exactly like these sites. We work with our clients to create designs that they are happy with.
    Price: 249,00 EUR

    Example Sites:
  3. Dynamic Galleries Software Package 3 Self-Design-Template Package:

    This package is equivalent to Package 2 except that you create the designs yourself in photoshop, and we just do the programming for you. This option is less expensive because it cuts down greatly on our design time/effort by using your designs. As such, the designs you provide are implemented as-is, with no modifications on our part. Price, when utilizing similar layouts as the Custom-Templates: 149,00 EUR. We would be happy to provide an estimate for completely custom layouts.

    Example sites:
  4. Dynamic Galleries Software Package 4 Conversion Package:

    And finally, we can convert your existing site design (if you have one) to the Dynamic Galleries software. The cost for this can vary widely, and we will give you a personalized quote after reviewing your site. The price for this is ca. 99,00 EUR

    Example sites:


  1. Dynamic Galleries Software Addon 1 Wordpress Integration:

    If you are already using a Wordpress Blog we provide services to migrate or install and integrate a Wordpress blog as a seamless part of your website. You can easily insert photos into blog posts from the Dynamic Galleries gallery database so you don’t have to upload photos twice. You have options to include titles, captions, print-order links and links to the photo pages. This service is available for each Dynamic Galleries Package for an additional fee. This fee is depending on the design complexity and will be between 49,00 EUR and 99,00 EUR.
If this pricing structure seems unclear to you, or you feel that your project doesn't necessarily fit
into any of these categories, please feel free to contact us to discuss further options.

Feel free to contact us
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