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October 1, 2013 New Features, Tips & Tricks , , ,

Mobile Photo Navigation


Mobile Photo Navigation

Next to the SEO performance of our gallery websites another very important characteristic  is the ease of navigating through the galleries and photos. We design the gallery sites and all elements visually intuitive so they invite your viewers to spend time exploring your photo collections. One part to achieve this is the ease of the simple act of navigating from photo to photo and of course to find related  galleries and photos. Under the hood of our websites are some complex features that make this simple act even easier.

Of course you can use the obvious arrow buttons next to the photos to move to the previous or next photo in a gallery or search result. What you also can do is use your keyboard’s left and right arrow keys to do the same! Additionally you can press “d” to enable our darkness functionality to focus even more on the photo.

In order to further increase the usability of browsing through galleries we have just added swiping functionality for mobile devices like iPad and iPhone (and other smartphones too) as well! Mobile device users are used to “swiping” their way around the web with one finger motions. Now they can easily “swipe” left and right directly on the photos to navigate through the galleries.

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