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Special Discount & Coupons

Today we want to introduce to you the Special Discount and Coupon modules available for our photo and gallery websites. You can use the Special Discount feature for various purposes like promoting a “Print of the Month”, “Weekly Tour Deal”, … Continue reading

Image Search

  Today we want to introduce the Dynamic Galleries image search in more detail. First we want to give you some background information on how the image search works technically and then explain how to set it up and use … Continue reading

New Sitemap Feature

    The new Sitemap Module   With the last release of our gallery software we have implemented another new module named Sitemaps to improve the SEO performance of our websites. You might ask: What is a sitemap and what … Continue reading

Mobile Photo Navigation

  Mobile Photo Navigation Next to the SEO performance of our gallery websites another very important characteristic  is the ease of navigating through the galleries and photos. We design the gallery sites and all elements visually intuitive so they invite your … Continue reading

Individual Payment Page

  Individual Payment Page You might ask why does the DG System need a generic payment page while it offers all the e-commerce functionalities of an online shop like creating fully individual products, coupons, discounts, shipping zones,  cart, checkout etc.  … Continue reading

The new Trip-Report Feature

  The new Trip-Report Feature   With the latest version of the Dynamic Galleries System we rolled out a new handy feature for creating trip-reports fast and easy. You can now create Trip Reports like this example post from Daves … Continue reading

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