Custom Photo Gallery Websites for Professional Photographers

Version 2.4.0 (released september 2012)

  • Usage of various new application environments
  • While developing or testing e.g. statisticdata remains unaltered
  • All system e-mails are redirected to developers only and much more
  • Improved search engine visibility on some pages
  • Developed an own search function for articles
  • Automated recommendation of keywords for image-, article- und gallery forms
  • Integrated an optional Editors Note for article pages
  • Galleries are now protectable with a password
  • Images of those galleries do no longer show up in search results
  • Improved slideshows, now also for image search results
  • List of all images (incl. thumb), sortable by different criteria
  • Extended the list of currently online users with some additional information
  • Improved usability of numerous cms modules
  • Simple image protection
  • Prevents users from easily downloading images by right-click-saving or dragging-to-desktop.
  • Improved drag & drop image organizing within each gallery
  • Use of some new CSS3 and HTML5 features
  • Dynamically appearing srollup button etc.
  • Adjustments to the cart and checkout process due to the “Button Solution” (german law)
  • Display of the optional Facebook- and/or Twitterpage links
  • More bugfixes and lots of subtle changes

Version 2.3.0 (released april 2011)

  • New customizable news stream composed of a mix of photos and articles
  • Layout changes for streams
  • New preview for articles
  • Unique urls and visibility for articles
  • Optional comment notification emails for reg. users
  • Changed layout and content of comment e-mails
  • New 404 error page
  • Enabled different application environments for local testing etc.
  • Logging of failed login attempts
  • Brute force attack prevention
  • Some new cleanup maintenance cronjobs for statistics data
  • Additional minor bugfixes and std. layout changes

Version 2.2.0 (released november 2010)

  • SEO optimization on photo pages
  • Improved usability on comment- and photo pages
  • Implemented a configurable tag-cloud on the search page
  • Rearrange photos positions in galleries via drag and drop
  • Schedule photo and article releases easily for a subsequent date
  • Improved loading speed throughout the site
  • Updated some help topics
  • RSS Feed for articles and photos
  • Some minor bugfixes and adjustments

Version 2.1.0 (released february 2010)

  • Implemented new help system module and CMS manual
  • Customizable start page with merchandize features and social share buttons
  • New fields for improved meta page descriptions to improve search engine performance
  • Customizable revised news module
  • User Interface changes for an improved usability
  • Google Analytics Code insertion via CMS
  • New cms module to add and edit orders manually

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