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The new Trip-Report Feature


The new Trip-Report Feature


With the latest version of the Dynamic Galleries System we rolled out a new handy feature for creating trip-reports fast and easy.

You can now create Trip Reports like this example post from Daves site with a few easy steps:

At first you need to name your photo files properly because the file names will be used for creating unique url-names and titles for each photo. Another reason for doing so is that a relevant file name for a photo performs way better for search engines like Google. A photo named “Skogafoss_Waterfall_Iceland.jpg” (plus proper Image description, caption and keywords) has a lot more potential to rank good when people are searching for images of this location than a photo named “IMG_2479.jpg”.


Add News Form


The next step is to create a gallery for your trip report. Just go to Gallery > Add Gallery

You can now navigate to the Photo Batch Add module (Photo > Photo Batch Add) and select the new gallery, add the photos (and additional information if you want to).  Afterwards you maybe want to rearrange the photos of the new gallery for the trip report.

Finally go to the News > Add News module and create your article as usual. To create your trip-report just select your new gallery in the “Create Trip-Report” dropdown box. All photos of the selected gallery will be added with Captions in the gallery’s sequence.

Introducing the new development blog


Welcome to Dynamic Galleries new development blog.

We decided to describe our upcoming new features more in detail and also do application updates more frequently. Please note that all posts will only be written in english.


We have migrated the old versions changelog content into the new blog but you will also find the old changelog here:

In the coming days, weeks, and months we will be posting about new features on the Dynamic Galleries Photo CMS, as well as some tricks and tips for making the most out of your gallery website. The new RSS Feed URL is:

Version 3.3.4

planned november 2013
  • Implement new maintenance functions for the updates revision folder
  • New layout for bottom page navigation in galleries
  • New gallery style: LINK

Version 3.3.3

released august 2013

  • Fixed a little image display bug in the newsStream
  • Created a new general CSS class for news articles images / thumbs
    – those images are displayed centered with caption and image shadow
    – the code for each photo can be copied on its edit form in the CMS
  • Changed the layout of the news article previews in the newsStream
    – now only the article thumb is shown, all other images are stripped out
    – this change provides a more smooth and constant look of the newsStream
  • Umlauts are now allowed in articles, pages, galleries and photos url-names
  • Implemented a new news feature for creating trip-reports easily from a gallery
    – you can now create those news articles with a few clicks in the CMS
    – a detailed desciption how-to do that can be found here:
  • Added some practical under-the-hood optimizations for the apps update routine
  • Some layout and text corrections in different CMS forms
  • Added the generic Payment Form to the optional sitemap content
  • Display of the language selection flags on cart and photo pages is now optional

Version 3.3.2 (released july 2013)

  • Specify if a download is free for all visitors or needs an active login (and registration)
  • Toggle display of VAT and an explaining hint text (due to some laws in germany)
  • A new delete function for the Photo Edit Wizard to delete a bunch of photos at once
  • Fixed some issues in the wordpress plugin (due to the backend refactoring)
  • Implementation of a new view counter for all dynamic pages and galleries
  • Fixed some issues with umlauts in the photo keywords
  • Implemented a new sitemap module to improve search engine visbility for all pages
  • Writing draft articles and publishing them later is now possible
  • Some minor bugfixes and improvements in the news module
  • Implemented a new link to subsribe to the mailing list in the newsStream
  • Fixed a RSS Feed issue caused by the new customizable app layout
  • Fixed a small bug when displaying the back to search link on photo pages

Version 3.3.1 (released june 2013)

  • Simplified the update process
    – you now get automatic notifies when new application updates are available
    – installation of an update now with just one click
  • The option for darkness feature on photo pages can now be turned on/off
  • Optimized display of currencies on different server settings
  • The product page of a photo is now linked on the photo-edit form
  • New batch upload for photos
    – Upload a whole set of new photos at once
    – titles and urlnames are automatically generated from the filenames
    – more information like locations, descriptions, keywords and products e.g. can be added
  • A new Photo-Edit-Wizard module
    – update lots of properties of lots of photos with one form
    – you can edit the additional galleries, keywords, location
    – search, news stream, rss feed options and products
    – always choose to add, remove, replace or clear these properties
  • Implemented a new sort option in list-photos module by views (popularity)
  • Lots of changes in the backend due to the applications update functionality
  • Fixed a little bug in the guestbook module
  • Solved some problems with umlauts in filenames in edit-photo module

Version 3.3.0 (released may 2013)

  • Update functionality for the application:
    – app is now updateable with only one archive file
    – easily install (and rollback) all version changes with just one click
    – automated checks for all required files, predecessor version, downloadable log file etc.
    – also added a new “howto” to the Help System
  • Implemented a larger image view option:
    – new option to upload and show a larger version of a photo
    – the large version is automatically linked below the original photo
    – also added a new “howto” to the Help System
  • New features in order module:
    – send payment-received and delivery-confirmation e-mails with one click
    – adjusted some font sizes on order summary- and single order page
    – new algorithm for calculating order numbers
  • Customized shipping zones:
    – added a new module to add / edit shipping zones
    – set numerous options like costs, a free shipping amount or an active flag
  • New option to select shops currency:
    – choose from different currencies like EUR, USD, GBP, NOK, CHF
    – new currencies can now be implemented within a few minutes
  • Added a new Product Wizard:
    – easily add one (or more) new products to all (or only specific) photos of a gallery
  • New options for Breadcrumbs, Related Images and Galleries:
    – toggle on/off to display those links
    – decide where to display the links on photo and gallery pages
  • New layouts and improvements for news articles:
    – various layout and code improvements
    – option to toggle each link in the newsStream on/off
    – write article comments more easily
  • New general site option to get copies of all system emails
  • Added some more information about the photos and galleries to the CMS start page
  • Fixed some css bugs and a submission bug in the Link module
  • Lots of minor layout and design changes, some code reviews and improvements
    – e.g. usability refinements on photo pages
    – plus more on guestbook, cart and checkout pages

Version 3.2.0 (released march 2013)

  • Created a wordpress migration / plugin for new customers with an existing blog
  • written a new DG Help System entry how to use photos from the DG database in wordpress:
  • see an example of a wordpress integration here:
  • Implementation of a new administration-bar on the frontend sites
  • the bar is semitransparent and fixed to the upper edge
  • with the new generated “smartlinks” you can now edit even faster all:
  • Photos, Galleries, News, Comments, Content Pages etc.
  • this requires that you are logged in and have the Admin role
  • Changed layouts of some forms throughout the site (e.g. Contact Form)
  • New option to get a list of your latest uploads in the List-Photos Module
  • Some major changes in the File Module (speaking URLs, new buttons and more)
  • Revised cart, photo search and guestbook modules and adjusted some links, fonts, naming etc.
  • Created a new payment form for individual payments via PayPal
  • receive money from customers for something that doesn’t have a set price on your website and thus can’t be put into the shopping cart (e.g. image licensing)
  • Fixed some minor bugs and improved the validation process on serveral forms in the CMS
  • Implemented photo-swiping through galleries on mobile devices
  • as usual navigate through the photos of a gallery by clicking the links next to a photo
  • or use the arrow keys on the keyboard
  • and now added iPad / iPhone swiping functionality as well
  • easily “swipe” left and right on the photos to navigate through the galleries
  • Several minor layout changes on the photo pages
  • Improved the checkout process and Order Confirmation E-Mails

Version 3.1.0 (released january 2013)

  • Migrate all Java Script effects to jQuery on the frontent pages
  • all fade-ins, smooth scrolling, dynamically appearing divs,
  • rearrange photos via drag and drop, use of arrow keys for gallery- and photonavigation
  • slideshow and ajax autosuggestion for keywords on search form
  • Using PJAX to partially load new content of photo sites
  • Implemented and tested but discarded because:
  • not all social plugins load properly with correct URLs, titles and descriptions
  • not 100% sure about the functionality of different analytics page tracker software
  • and finally it will not safe much loading time or traffic on the photo pages
  • because nearly all content is unique for a photo (title, keywords, description, products, awards, etc.)
  • Used typeahead for keywords on news form
  • Fixed some layout issues for extra long photo titles
  • Redesigned the edit-photo form in the CMS
  • Now using HTML5 doctypes, CSS, script links and menu syntax “nav”
  • Improved forms with HTML5 input types
  • Implemented new search for an image ID number in the CMS
  • Replaced AddThis buttons with ShareThis buttons (better integration)
  • Integrated new option to make the complete background black with one click
  • used on photo pages for sites with a bright design
  • Revised some error messages for different forms in the CMS
  • Changed the filename validation so Umlauts are now allowed
  • Fixed an issue with names ending on an “s” on the newsletter subscription form

Version 2.5.0 – 3.0.0 (released december 2012)

  • Easily use an existing thumb when adding a news article
  • Fix (and new fallback types) for non-existent fonts on different operating systems
  • Rearranged css and js loading for improved performance
  • Search term LATEST is now displaying photos ordered by uploading date and not most popular
  • Fixed some issues on error document like app title, format etc.
  • New module for deleting unwanted news comments
  • Fixed standard font size for all systems – windows, mac, linux
  • Facebook Like, Twitter and G+ button counter optional under each gallery, photo, content and news page
  • Prefetching for “next link” for photo and gallery pages
  • Calculated unique views for each gallery (displayed on start and gallery pages)
  • Included search term in page title
  • Added box-shadow for news stream and article images
  • Improved search results (eg. when looking for “iceland”, “nice” is no longer found)
  • Implemented use of arrow keys to navigate through galleries and photos
  • Lots of new CSS and HTML features (inputs, fonts, boxes and buttons)
  • Photo fade in is no longer waiting for social plugins to load
  • Now displaying links to all galleries a photo is in below the image
  • More bugfixes and lots of subtle changes
  • Using Twitter Bootstrap for an improved look & feel of the whole CMS
  • Migrated from prototype to jQuery in the CMS

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