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August 19, 2013 Versions ,

Version 3.2.0 (released march 2013)

  • Created a wordpress migration / plugin for new customers with an existing blog
  • written a new DG Help System entry how to use photos from the DG database in wordpress:
  • see an example of a wordpress integration here:
  • Implementation of a new administration-bar on the frontend sites
  • the bar is semitransparent and fixed to the upper edge
  • with the new generated “smartlinks” you can now edit even faster all:
  • Photos, Galleries, News, Comments, Content Pages etc.
  • this requires that you are logged in and have the Admin role
  • Changed layouts of some forms throughout the site (e.g. Contact Form)
  • New option to get a list of your latest uploads in the List-Photos Module
  • Some major changes in the File Module (speaking URLs, new buttons and more)
  • Revised cart, photo search and guestbook modules and adjusted some links, fonts, naming etc.
  • Created a new payment form for individual payments via PayPal
  • receive money from customers for something that doesn’t have a set price on your website and thus can’t be put into the shopping cart (e.g. image licensing)
  • Fixed some minor bugs and improved the validation process on serveral forms in the CMS
  • Implemented photo-swiping through galleries on mobile devices
  • as usual navigate through the photos of a gallery by clicking the links next to a photo
  • or use the arrow keys on the keyboard
  • and now added iPad / iPhone swiping functionality as well
  • easily “swipe” left and right on the photos to navigate through the galleries
  • Several minor layout changes on the photo pages
  • Improved the checkout process and Order Confirmation E-Mails

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