Custom Photo Gallery Websites for Professional Photographers

August 19, 2013 Versions ,

Version 3.3.0 (released may 2013)

  • Update functionality for the application:
    – app is now updateable with only one archive file
    – easily install (and rollback) all version changes with just one click
    – automated checks for all required files, predecessor version, downloadable log file etc.
    – also added a new “howto” to the Help System
  • Implemented a larger image view option:
    – new option to upload and show a larger version of a photo
    – the large version is automatically linked below the original photo
    – also added a new “howto” to the Help System
  • New features in order module:
    – send payment-received and delivery-confirmation e-mails with one click
    – adjusted some font sizes on order summary- and single order page
    – new algorithm for calculating order numbers
  • Customized shipping zones:
    – added a new module to add / edit shipping zones
    – set numerous options like costs, a free shipping amount or an active flag
  • New option to select shops currency:
    – choose from different currencies like EUR, USD, GBP, NOK, CHF
    – new currencies can now be implemented within a few minutes
  • Added a new Product Wizard:
    – easily add one (or more) new products to all (or only specific) photos of a gallery
  • New options for Breadcrumbs, Related Images and Galleries:
    – toggle on/off to display those links
    – decide where to display the links on photo and gallery pages
  • New layouts and improvements for news articles:
    – various layout and code improvements
    – option to toggle each link in the newsStream on/off
    – write article comments more easily
  • New general site option to get copies of all system emails
  • Added some more information about the photos and galleries to the CMS start page
  • Fixed some css bugs and a submission bug in the Link module
  • Lots of minor layout and design changes, some code reviews and improvements
    – e.g. usability refinements on photo pages
    – plus more on guestbook, cart and checkout pages

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