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August 19, 2013 Versions ,

Version 3.3.1 (released june 2013)

  • Simplified the update process
    – you now get automatic notifies when new application updates are available
    – installation of an update now with just one click
  • The option for darkness feature on photo pages can now be turned on/off
  • Optimized display of currencies on different server settings
  • The product page of a photo is now linked on the photo-edit form
  • New batch upload for photos
    – Upload a whole set of new photos at once
    – titles and urlnames are automatically generated from the filenames
    – more information like locations, descriptions, keywords and products e.g. can be added
  • A new Photo-Edit-Wizard module
    – update lots of properties of lots of photos with one form
    – you can edit the additional galleries, keywords, location
    – search, news stream, rss feed options and products
    – always choose to add, remove, replace or clear these properties
  • Implemented a new sort option in list-photos module by views (popularity)
  • Lots of changes in the backend due to the applications update functionality
  • Fixed a little bug in the guestbook module
  • Solved some problems with umlauts in filenames in edit-photo module

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