Custom Photo Gallery Websites for Professional Photographers

August 19, 2013 Versions ,

Version 3.1.0 (released january 2013)

  • Migrate all Java Script effects to jQuery on the frontent pages
  • all fade-ins, smooth scrolling, dynamically appearing divs,
  • rearrange photos via drag and drop, use of arrow keys for gallery- and photonavigation
  • slideshow and ajax autosuggestion for keywords on search form
  • Using PJAX to partially load new content of photo sites
  • Implemented and tested but discarded because:
  • not all social plugins load properly with correct URLs, titles and descriptions
  • not 100% sure about the functionality of different analytics page tracker software
  • and finally it will not safe much loading time or traffic on the photo pages
  • because nearly all content is unique for a photo (title, keywords, description, products, awards, etc.)
  • Used typeahead for keywords on news form
  • Fixed some layout issues for extra long photo titles
  • Redesigned the edit-photo form in the CMS
  • Now using HTML5 doctypes, CSS, script links and menu syntax “nav”
  • Improved forms with HTML5 input types
  • Implemented new search for an image ID number in the CMS
  • Replaced AddThis buttons with ShareThis buttons (better integration)
  • Integrated new option to make the complete background black with one click
  • used on photo pages for sites with a bright design
  • Revised some error messages for different forms in the CMS
  • Changed the filename validation so Umlauts are now allowed
  • Fixed an issue with names ending on an “s” on the newsletter subscription form

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