Custom Photo Gallery Websites for Professional Photographers

August 19, 2013 Versions , ,

Version 2.5.0 – 3.0.0 (released december 2012)

  • Easily use an existing thumb when adding a news article
  • Fix (and new fallback types) for non-existent fonts on different operating systems
  • Rearranged css and js loading for improved performance
  • Search term LATEST is now displaying photos ordered by uploading date and not most popular
  • Fixed some issues on error document like app title, format etc.
  • New module for deleting unwanted news comments
  • Fixed standard font size for all systems – windows, mac, linux
  • Facebook Like, Twitter and G+ button counter optional under each gallery, photo, content and news page
  • Prefetching for “next link” for photo and gallery pages
  • Calculated unique views for each gallery (displayed on start and gallery pages)
  • Included search term in page title
  • Added box-shadow for news stream and article images
  • Improved search results (eg. when looking for “iceland”, “nice” is no longer found)
  • Implemented use of arrow keys to navigate through galleries and photos
  • Lots of new CSS and HTML features (inputs, fonts, boxes and buttons)
  • Photo fade in is no longer waiting for social plugins to load
  • Now displaying links to all galleries a photo is in below the image
  • More bugfixes and lots of subtle changes
  • Using Twitter Bootstrap for an improved look & feel of the whole CMS
  • Migrated from prototype to jQuery in the CMS

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